Profit that makes sense!


Forests are essential, not only from an environmental perspective – wood, the renewable raw material, makes them highly valuable from an economic perspective too.


Despite of all efforts, about seven million hectares of forest are lost each year - an area as large as Scotland. The reason for this catastrophic development is a rising global consumption of wood and land.




The best way to avert an ecological catastrophe and at the same time fully exploit the economic potential of timber and forest is the production of wood in planted forests. Thus we have conceptualized the C4-forest fund. Thereby, we paid especial tribute to the following aspects:

- security

- return on investment

- sustainability

- availability


In order to achieve optimum results for all the above listed aspects, hardwood trees of the genus Paulownia will be planted. For more than 3000 years, these trees have been cultivated in China and Japan for furniture wood. Paulownia trees are the only tree species with the highly effective C4-photosynthesis. They grow best in Mediterranean climates, where they can be harvested after less than 12 years, allowing for a correspondingly short funds term.


For optimal development Paulownia need warm Mediterranean climate. Since we also want to avoid possible losses due to corruption, our plantations are located in Portugal and Spain.*


In order to increase the species diversity of  the plantation, there will be  about 10% - 20% ecological compensation areas. Since this action is little labour intensive, it is an inexpensive yet highly effective environmental protetcion measure.


*Corruption Perception Index:


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